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  Species Classification in Thermal Imaging Videos - A group research project in which we propose novel machine learning contributions to the problem of identifying animal species in thermal imaging videos.
  NZ Census 2018 Visualisations - Using the 2018 Census data to profile the diversity of New Zealand's population.
  Machine Learning in the Generation of Novel Molecules - My Master's dissertation on the application of machine learning in cheminformatics, with a focus on autoencoders and de novo molecule discovery.
  Spotify sequential skip prediction - The 9th placed solution in the sequential skip prediction challenge hosted by Spotify, CrowdAI, and WSDM 2019.
  Language identification with machine learning - I demonstrate how to build a model to complete a language identification task, and deploy the solution to AWS Lambda.
  TradeMe residential property listings - Charts showing New Zealand residential property listings on TradeMe, updated daily with a web scraper.