TradeMe Residential Property Listings

New Zealanders love property. In fact we love property so much, we have driven prices up to stratospheric heights. It's difficult to avoid the topic of unaffordable homes or life-changing capital gains at every summer BBQ. With this level of interest in the property market, there are often debates about which way market is moving. Hard data from agencies is only provided infrequently, and not at a granular level.

With that in mind, I developed the below charts which show the number of residential property listings on TradeMe Property on a certain date. The charts reflect the detail of the region or district selected in the chart immediately above. They should also be up to date, with new data points added daily.

The purpose of this example is to show how data collection and visualisation can be completely automated.

Look below the charts for technical details and some comments on the data. If you have any questions or comments, please do contact me!




Technical Details

The data are collected daily and automatically using a python script. This is then hosted using AWS S3, allowing the data to be provided to the charts without a traditional webserver. The charts were created using C3.js.